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When dealing with tax law, you can be sure you’re going to encounter the trickiest issues in the study and practice of law. Laws on taxation are so complex that people who do not hire professional help rarely succeeds in their tax cases. If you live in Toronto or have business in the area that needs attention on tax issues, you should enlist the services not just of an accounting expert but those of a tax lawyer Toronto. Your tax lawyer can help you sort out a variety of problems in taxation. These days, there are several tax lawyers focused on giving services in Toronto, so you’re sure to experience no difficulty in finding one who can meet your requirements.

Services in tax law include many problem areas, including tax planning, tax resolutions, tax defense, and GST and Customs relations; your tax lawyer Toronto can help you with one or all of them. Tax planning is a process involving the determination or ascertainment of the most advantageous tax strategy that you can employ for personal or business purposes for the years to come. Tax resolutions deal with issues you might have with tax authorities, specifically the CRA or Canada Revenue Agency, and takes steps to resolve such issues so you can get the best tax resolution possible. Tax defense is what you’ll be provided with when you need legal counsel to defend yourself from criminal charges from relevant illegal activities, such as tax evasion, beginning with the Notice of Objection up to the Tax Court and Federal Court of Appeal if necessary. Last but not the least, GST and Customs relations deal with talking and negotiating with tax authorities to settle issues.

Nowadays, tax lawyers are experts in a variety of fields in tax law. This is because of the training they have received when they were still in law schools, as school administrations have realized the importance and popularity of tax lawyers in today’s more complex, not to mention expensive, society. Your tax lawyer Toronto can help you with Net Worth Assessment, Unreported Income and Voluntary Disclosure Toronto, as well as in Disallowance of Business Loss, Jeopardy Order and Notice of Objection Toronto, so you can fight and win over corrupt or misinformed CRA Audit and CRA Reassessment, GST Audit, and Audit in general. More specifically, your tax lawyer can assist you in general taxation and estate planning, year-end tax planning, tax advice connected with immigration for non-residents who want to start their business in Toronto, tax advice for residents who want to start their business in Toronto, voluntary disclosures or tax amnesties, and tax shelters.

Finding the right tax lawyer Toronto is virtually just a click away. There are several websites that provide lists of reputable tax lawyers based in Toronto or who specialize in tax matters in Toronto. Make sure to check references as well as their resumes or portfolios. It’s best if you visit the sites of law firms that specialize in tax law.

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