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Filing personal income tax in Charlotte is not as difficult as many think it is. Just follow the steps below and you will not have any hassle with your federal income tax. If you still find these steps very complicated, you can always get a Tax Attorney in Charlotte, NC
Preparing your Tax Return

The first step in filing your income tax in Charlotte is preparing your tax return. You can get all types of income tax return online from the website of Internal Revenue Service at Make sure that you are using the right kind of tax return for your situation.

When you have your tax return, gather all necessary documents, receipts, journals with you so that you will be sure that you can back up your return with evidences if ever IRS asks you for documentary proofs of your return.

When preparing your return, do not rush and do it haphazardly to avoid making errors in your entries. This can save you thousands of dollars and the reduced chance of the IRS contacting your for underreporting of income.

Before filing your tax return, check all the amounts you entered. Check your Social Security Numbers and your computation.

If you are in Charlotte and have no time or having problems preparing your tax return, you can seek the help of a Tax Attorney in Charlotte, NC.

Filing your Tax Return

Next step is filing your complete and accurate income tax return. You can do it by any of the three ways:

– You can file it by personally handling it to the officer at the Board of Treasury.
– You can mail your return to the Board of Treasury.
– You can file electronically.

The fastest and most secure way is filing your return electronically. The website of Internal Revenue Service has an E-file system for electronic filing of return. E-file is advisable because the program checks your computation automatically. With E-file, you can also get a notification of receipt of your return.

If you are living in Charlotte and need a professional to check your return before filing it to avoid IRS problems, you should seek the assistance of a Tax Attorney in Charlotte, NC.

Making payment

The last step is making payment if you owe the IRS any tax as reflected in your tax return. When paying for income tax, it is best to pay on time and to pay in full. Paying on time and paying the full amount will save your from IRS getting back at you with notices and demands for payment or garnishing your wages. There are a number of ways to make a payment for your income tax.

– You can pay by check or cash.
– You can pay by credit card. Two authorized online site that process your IRS payments are and
– You can enroll in Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) at the IRS. This grants IRS the power to deduct your payment automatically from your bank account.
Should you encounter any problems with your IRS payments and need the advice of an expert, don’t hesitate to get a Tax Attorney in Charlotte, NC.

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