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Facing IRS back taxes is one problem that hundreds of thousands of Americans face every single year. Basically, they are those taxes that were not paid and the deadline for payment is past due. The IRS has a way to track down taxpayers who have missed paying their taxes as far back as 10 years ago. When they found out that a taxpayer has an unpaid tax, IRS can be very unforgiving with penalties and fees.

If you have this problem, the best way to handle it is to approach a competent and qualified person who can deal with the IRS. Ronnie Deutch, Tax Attorney has been dealing with the IRS as representative of taxpayers with problems in back taxes. She helps taxpayers by reducing the amount of money that they would have to pay the IRS.

During the last quarter of last year, taxpayers seek her help because IRS is making them pay $3,518,691 in total back taxes and penalties. Ronnie Deutch, Tax Attorney has reduced this amount to only $351,655 which saved her clients a total of more than $3 million.

The process of resolving IRS back taxes starts with identifying why you have been assessed with have back taxes. IRS assesses back taxes against a taxpayer if IRS finds out the taxpayer did one of the following:

– The taxpayer filed the income tax return but failed to pay it.

– The taxpayer filed the income tax return and paid it but IRS finds out that the taxpayer has an undeclared income

– The taxpayer did not file the income tax return

How does Ronnie Deutch, Tax Attorney help those who approach her for their IRS back taxes problems?

She offers advice backed up by almost 20 years of experience in helping taxpayers solve their IRS problems. She employs many tax lawyers who assist her clients in communicating with the IRS.

Back taxes are solved by any of these ways:

– Paying the back taxes including the penalties and fees. This is the least chosen option because the penalties that accrue with back taxes usually cost thousands of dollars.

– Paying the back taxes in installment. The taxpayer can request that the total tack taxes be divided and paid monthly. For this request to be approved, IRS need to know details about your financial status.

– Requesting for Currently Not Collectible Status. This option is for those who cannot pay their back taxes and penalties in full or in installment. Their income is less than or equal to their living expenses.

– Filing for bankruptcy. If a taxpayer files for a bankruptcy, they are also required to disclose financial details.

– Applying for Offer in Compromise. This is the route that most taxpayers go to especially those whose IRS assessments has ballooned to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Ronnie Deutch, Tax Attorney can help you with your application for Offer in Compromise if this is what she deem best. She has the expertise to get you out of your IRS problems. Nobody can match her guarantee: if IRS does not accept the Offer in Compromise, she’ll pay for your back taxes and penalties.

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