Pro Bono Tax Attorney

If you are having tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service and you don’t have any idea how to deal with the, you have to pay a minimum of $25 for a few minutes of consultation with a tax attorneys.

Now, tax problems are never simple. You need hours of time explaining your tax situation and your tax problems to the tax attorney. The tax attorney will not rush on giving you a sound advice on your problems.

For a legal advice on bankruptcy for example, you can shell out a good amount of money for a legal advice. This will make your even more bankrupt.

The good news is that you can seek the help of a pro bono tax attorney to handle your tax problems. A licensed lawyer whose expertise is taxation laws can provide free legal help to you. Lawyers are encouraged by the many states to provide a fraction of their time for public service. Many will be willing to help you.

Many law firms offer free legal services as a way of being of service to the public. There are also associations of lawyers who provide services. Some of them are Volunteers Lawyer Project, Senior Partners for Justice and Women’s Bar Association. You can approach your local Bar Association because most Bar Associations provide legal services for the financially challenged.

Who are eligible for the services of a pro bono tax attorney? Many legal centers give assistance to foundations and non-profit organizations who work with the poor. For example, the Habitat for Humanity enjoys free legal services for their financial and tax planning. Many religious and school organizations are eligible for free legal service. In many cases, the tax attorney is the one that decides whether an organization or person needs the service.

Private citizens who are below the poverty line are also eligible for the services of a pro bono tax attorney. Basically, those who can show that they don’t have the means to hire a tax attorney can get seek free legal aid.

Another example of a pro bono work is assisting those who have HIV or AIDS in filing bankruptcy. HIV and AIDS patients lose almost all of their savings and worse, they cannot go to work and earn money. They may not be poor but they are eligible for legal services.

How can you find a pro bono tax attorney? You can go directly to a law firm who specializes in tax. You can inquire if you can be provided with a free legal service. You can also go to the offices of your local Bar Associations. Bar Associations will assist you with your tax problems for free.

What are some of the tax problems that free legal services can help you with? If you are having problem with the Internal Revenue Services, you can get assistance. If you are being summoned by the IRS, for example, for not filing your income tax, you can seek free legal aid. Or, if you just need a sound advice on how to minimize your tax payments through lawful means, you can consult with a tax attorney without having to pay an exorbitant amount.

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