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We understand that the most important thing to you is your ability to find and engage with the best tax attorney available to you in your local city or region as soon as possible. Once you receive that letter/email from the Tax office that you have outstanding tax debt then the clock starts ticking. We know from first hand experience that time is of the utmost importance to you and your tax case. That is why we have created this resource, so you can stress less and are in a position to have the best possible outcome for your tax debt case.

It is important to note that our site is impartial, we do not get paid any commission from any tax attorneys. (Disclaimer: Our only source of income is from third party advertising on our website to maintain the running costs). We have and are continually painstakingly reviewing and hand-picking only the best tax attorney offices for this site.

That means this site is a constant work in progress as the site is updated weekly. We encourage you to check back regularly and if you do have a personal recommendation of a tax attorney please contact us onĀ Facebook, our admins will review and reply accordingly.

Why have we set up this resource? This has all come about because i and some of my friends had tax debts some years back and we all found the experience of finding a good tax attorney online difficult and stressful. We noticed that the tax attorneys that had 5 star reviews online were not necessarily the best in reality. We began questioning the integrity of online review sites of tax lawyers, so www.besttaxattorneylawyer.com was born. Our intention for this site is simple, we have two simple rules.

  1. Develop a Tax Attorney review site that people can trust. We aim to achieve this by remaining impartial. We receive no commission/kickbacks from any individual Tax Attorney to list them on our site. We rely on actual client reviews and tax case results.
  2. Help as many people around the world as possible. We aim to achieve this by shining a clear and quick path for tax victims to the best tax attorney’s in their country quickly.

If you feel something needs to be changed, added, updated or taken down please don’t hesitate to contact us. This site is constantly evolving and we rely on user feedback to fine-tune our site.

We only list the details of only those Tax Attorneys that are considered to be at the top of their game in each city and region around the world.

Please feel free to search for your locality above in our menu, peruse through our pages and articles on tax which might help you shed some light on your case.

Below are some link shortcuts to assist you in finding your region or city.

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